Petal & Twig

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Product: Petal & Twig
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Valerie Easton

Petal & Twig: Seasonal Bouquets with Blossoms, Branches, and Grasses from Your Garden [Hardcover] Valerie Easton (Author)

Forcing flowers to stand up and do tricks is the old way of flower bouquets. That called for flying in blossoms from around the world. The new way is so much more DIY and all about what’s happening in the garden right now–no matter the season. Petal & Twig is full of photographs and descriptions of wonderfully fresh combinations from garden-expert Valerie Easton’s own garden. With an inviting and personal tone, Easton shows how to assemble floral combinations for color, for fragrance, to express the essence of the season, for the dinner table, for the kitchen, for the bookshelf. Inspiration, experimentation, and simple pleasure are the keys to the new bouquets.

Valerie Easton, longtime garden columnist for the Seattle Times, is the author of four books about plants and gardens including The New Low-Maintenance Garden. She also writes for the Huffington Post, Organic Gardening, and Garden Design. The author lives in Seattle and Langley, WA.