Oborain’s Integrated Shower Pan

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Product: Oborain’s Integrated Shower Pan
Retailer: Oborain
brand: Oborain

The drainage question – solved!

Oborain’s new integrated shower pan solves the drainage problem by allowing you to direct the shower run-off wherever you like – into a drainage pipe, downspout, gully, garden, or storage tank for irrigation purposes.

The stainless steel pan drops into the base frame and sits on tabs directly below the shower deck.  With the deck in place, the pan is practically invisible. Installation takes less than a minute. The drainage valve is fitted with a simple garden hose connector, allowing for an ordinary garden hose hook-up.  Our pan is fabricated locally with 20-guage stainless steel sheet metal.  Fits both Solo and Duo models.

  • Dimensions: 38.25″ x 38.25″ x 4″