MT Washi Masking Tape – Animal

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Product: MT Washi Masking Tape – Animal
Retailer: Memtree

1 x mt ex encyclopedia animal mt washi tape with bear, deer, rabbit, bird…

It is super versatile and only limited by your creativity! You can use it for art work, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, mailart, collage, invitations, journals, notebooks, signage, decorating an old box, creating your own wallpaper and much, much more!

The awesome thing about this is…apart from being cho kawaii…it removes easily and doesn’t leave a stain so you can reposition or reuse! You can even write on it!

PLEASE NOTE: The tape has a slight transparency – my photos are a bit richer in colour contrast so you can see the pattern more clearly. The item is generally a bit lighter.

Have fun layering, matching, mismatching and creating!