Mme Alfred Carrière

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Product: Mme Alfred Carrière

There are few white climbing roses to rival “˜Mme. Alfred Carrií¨re’ in performance. It bears large, cupped, creamy white blooms tinged with pink, which have a sweet tea rose fragrance. The flowers have a rather informal shape. In June and July it produces a magnificent display of blooms and continues to flower with great regularity until late in the season. This is a healthy, reliable and hardy climber with plentiful foliage. The growth is very strong and upright. 20ft.

  • Category : Climbing and Rambler Roses (Climbing Roses)
  • Bred By : Schwartz
  • Color : White / Blush Pink
  • Flower Type : Double/Full Bloom
  • Size : Tall Climber
  • Hardiness : Hardy
  • Fragrance : Strong
  • Repeating : Good
  • Special Characteristics : Excellent repeat flowering. Almost thornless.