Masanobu VG-10 Petty Knife

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Product: Masanobu VG-10 Petty Knife

The Petty Knife offers 5.9 inches of precise utility in the kitchen. It’s multipurpose length allows the knife to easily accommodate decisive situations – such as peeling, chopping, or cutting.

At the crux of this exceedingly sharp and hardwearing knife lies the VG-10: an exquisite steel of Japanese origin and invention, a corrosion and stain resistant composite of iron, carbon, manganese, molybdendum, cobalt, chromium and vanadium. It has a sublimely thin blade, a traditional octagonal wooden handle, and superb balance to insure that cuts will be dispatched precisely. Our Masanobu VG-10 series come to us from the city of Seki: since the 13th century home to most of Japan’s legendary knife makers. Japan’s most advanced knife-making techniques go into this blade, all the while it embraces classic traits that have typified Japanese kitchen knives for centuries.

  • VG-10 Cobalt Stain Resistant Steel
  • Double-Edged (90/10)
  • Blade Length: 5.9″
  • Pressed wood with nickel silver bolsters
  • HRc: 59-60
  • Made in Japan