Large Galvanised Steel Hose Trolley

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Product: Large Galvanised Steel Hose Trolley
Retailer: Manufactum

Hot-dip galvanised steel frame. Rubber tires. Brass quarter-turn valve. Height 100 cm, length 60 cm, width 60 cm. Weight 15 kg. Delivery without hose.

Stable and resilient : A hose trolley as good as gold: It is – even if one hardly believes it – the smallest model from this Swiss manufacturer, who has been designing and building irrigation systems for over 30 years at Lake Zurich. Their sprinklers, watering devices and valves are made for professional use in gardening, in public sport- and park facilities, and in swimming pools.

The design : The 20 mm strong steel pipes constituting the frame are welded, and solid hot-dip galvanisation ensures protection against rust. With four support points, the trolley, when fully-loaded, does not begin to totter; and, it stands firm on any surface. Therefore, it can hold up to 70 m of a 1/2″-hose, 50 m of a 3/4″-hose or 30 m of a 1″-hose. Water flow follows through the barrel axis. Both water connections (entrance and exit) are equipped with brass connecting plugs and therefore ready to be connected to our brass hose sockets. The trolley can be used in two ways: stationary, with a short supply hose running from a tap to the trolley; in this situation, the pouring hose is uncoiled in the necessary length from the barrel. Or, mobile, with a wound up supply hose; the short pouring hose is mounted laterally and the trolley is rolled to where it needs to be used. All in all: this hose trolley is justifiably expensive, because – to quote ourselves – “it will be the last one you’ll purchase.”