Jean Gerard

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Product: Jean Gerard
Retailer: The Sill

Oh, the Jean Gerard. So sleek! Every angle offers a new and intriguing view, the white stoneware triangles hand built into an undeniable eye-catcher. Jean Gerard elegantly displays the pale, blue-green leaves of the Ghost Plant succulent.

With this geometric gem, artist Eric Bonnin pays homage to the patriarch of modern sculpture, Constantin Brancusi, while simultaneously making grown-ups swoon. No matter one’s style – minimal to bohemian – the Jean Gerard fits. Clean, yet organic lines of the planter balance the floral-like foliage of the Ghost Plant, petals climbing the stems to end in rosettes. Though the Jean Gerard as a whole certainly demands attention, the Ghost Plant itself requires little, as its anatomy naturally stores water, allowing for infrequent care.

  • Ghost (Graptopetalum paraguayense)
  • Bright light
  • Water infrequently
  • Handmade Manhattan, NY
  • White stoneware; drainage
  • 5″w x 8″d x 9″h with plant