Jacques Cartier

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Product: Jacques Cartier

‘Marchesa Boccella’  Very similar to “˜Comte de Chambord’ with even more perfect blooms, but not such a regular repeat flowerer. These are large, shapely rosettes with a botton eye at their centres. It has the same, clear, rich pink colouring, fading a little with age. Very strong, rich fragrance. Compact, erect growth. Light green Damask foliage. Very healthy, tough and reliable. 4 x 3 ft. (Moreau-Robert 1868).

  • Category : Old Roses (Portland Roses)
  • Bred By : Moreau-Robert
  • Color : Rich Pink
  • Flower Type : Double/Full Bloom
  • Size : Medium Shrub
  • Hardiness : Hardy
  • Fragrance : Strong
  • Repeating : Good