Gourmet Grilling Planks

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Product: Gourmet Grilling Planks
Retailer: Food52

We’ve found a plank to class up your next cook-out. aFire’s 100% all-natural aromatic hardwood planks are handsome and rustic – just the thing to enliven your food without overpowering it.

  • Made in: Maine, USA
  • Made of: Sugar Maple, Northern Cedar, Black Cherry, Golden Alder
  • Size: Approximately 11″ L x 6″ W (pack of 4)

These planks can be used with charcoal, gas and electric grills, and in your oven.

  • Sugar Maple Smoke: mildly smoky, sweet.
  • Northern Cedar Smoke: smoky-spicy aromatic, peppery.
  • Black Cherry Smoke: fruity smoke.
  • Golden Alder Smoke: delicate, sweet.