Geo Vase Old Penny Bronze Planters

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Product: Geo Vase Old Penny Bronze Planters
Retailer: Burke Decor

Gorgeous textured old penny bronze finish. Pair these dramatic planters in clusters and plant with overgrown lovelies for outdoor and large indoor areas.

Durable, maintenance free, tough, light weight, frost proof and non-corrosive.

  • Small;  16″ diameter x 10″ base x 24″ height      code: VASE 5
  • Medium;  21″ diameter x 14″ base x 32″ height  code: VASE 4
  • Large; 28″ diameter x 18″ base x 39″ height      code: VASE 3
  • XL; 41″ diameter x 24″ base x 59″ height          code: VASE 2


Long-lasting (up to 30 years) fibreglass reproduction piece.

Prices range from $289.00 to $2239.00