Gardening Paper Pot Maker

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Product: Gardening Paper Pot Maker
Retailer: Lee Lees Closet
Color: Light Wood

Gardening Paper Pot Maker Spring planting Garden Seedlings

My husband is quite talented…its quite annoying at times… ; )

Whatever he makes…food, wooden name it..people want it..

Here’s one that he’s been making our friends and families for years and I’m finally getting to put some in my shop!

Its that time of year…start planting your seedlings…we’re in the process of doing the same..

These are used to make eco friendly paper pots to put your soil and seeds into to start your garden early….

Various hard wood pieces left over from his other wooden creations so no scraps are left behind!

These do not have any stain or finish on them. If you’d like one with a stain or oil, please convo me. I’ve asked him to NOT stain them to keep them natural looking and chemical free

No two are the same and the wood types change as he makes more. PLEASE NOTE: the wood types change daily so the one pictured may not be the wood type you receive, but it will be exactly the same design and as pictured above!

Unfinished, eco friendly