Garden Seat Aluminium

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Product: Garden Seat Aluminium
Retailer: Manufactum
Color: Red

Compact, light, stackable chairs. Painted aluminium. Height 87 cm, width 51.5 cm, depth 56.5 cm. Seat height 45.5 cm, area 38.5 x 38.5 cm. Weight 4 kg.

Garden Furniture from the Jardin du Luxembourg – tried and tested.

The French firm of Fermob have been making outdoor furniture since 1889 for famous parks and gardens. You can see – and above all sit on and enjoy – the ones we offer here in Paris, in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Made of aluminium, they’re not only absolutely rust-proof and easy-care, but can be moved around with the minimum of effort. Stackable – which makes them popular with the Paris authorities, and maybe with you too in your private garden.