French Vintage Perfume Bottles

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Product: French Vintage Perfume Bottles
Retailer: Attic Antics
Color: Clear

RESERVED FOR SM vintage perfume bottles, set of 3, clear glass, from France

These 3 clear glass bottles all slightly different but their overall shape ties them together beautifully. They came from a collector in the Netherlands and I was told they’re old perfume bottles. All three are marked on the bottom (one includes PARIS, the other MONIQUE, the third I can’t read).

All three have been well loved and include some milky spots (one has some rust colored spots). I’ve included closeup photos of all three bottles so please take a look (click on photos to enlarge).

TALLEST: 3″ tall x 1.25″ diameter

  • Has embossed vertical ridges and a smooth, raised area presumably for a label
  • Bottom marked “Monique”

MIDDLE: almost 3″ tall x almost 1.25″ diameter

  • Glass has a textured pattern embossed in it
  • Bottom marked but I can’t read it

SHORTEST: 2.55″ tall x 1.125″ diameter

  • Bottom marked “Roger” and “Paris”