Floral Tape, Dark Green 1/2 in. Wide

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Product: Floral Tape, Dark Green 1/2 in. Wide
Retailer: Amazon

Floratape is the original self-sealing stem wrap for finishing corsage and wedding bouquet stems, floral novelties, and silk or dried flowers and can provide a neutral or colorful finishing touch to creative and original floral work.

This product has a crepe paper base which has been impregnated with a blend of proprietary waxes and poly-olefins to give it its unique properties and characteristics.

Floratape should not be confused with Florist Parafilm, or Parafilm Florist Stem Wrap which does not have a crepe paper-base but which is pure 100 hydrocarbons, a mixture of a proprietary wax and a poly-olefin resin.

Floratape stem wrap is economical, strong and easy to use and it allows the designer to create high-quality and creative floral work.

Outstanding features:

  • Excellent stretch means you use less tape
  • Superior adhesion means it sticks to itself and the flower stem when stretched
  • Floratape stem wrap does not stick to your fingers
  • Colorfast, it will not bleed when damp or wet flowers are assembled
  • Fine textured and smooth surface creates a natural appearance and high quality
  • A wide range of colors in two different widths (0.5/12.5 mm and 1/25.4 mm)
  • This self-sealing finishing tape is useful for taping together the stems of gum paste flowers.
  • Sold individually
  • Color / Pattern: Dark green
  • Dimensions: 90’L í— ½”W