Fisher Blacksmithing Three Tined Garden Rake

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Product: Fisher Blacksmithing Three Tined Garden Rake
Designer: Tuli Fisher

Wow!, now that is a garden rake! This hand forged rake (or cultivator) is a favorite for rose growers. It effeciently reaches in and removes debris and loosens soils. It is also good for catching runners and grass roots under the surface.

Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Fisher Blacksmiting since 1999. Iron & Wood Garden Tools are a select collection of garden tools marking an example of fine American Craft and resulting in tools that you won’t want to take your hands off of! Hand-forged steel set into a black walnut handle makes a set of Iron and Wood Garden Tools the ideal gift for the discriminating gardener, wedding couple, or anyone (that includes you!) who has an eye for high-quality traditional crafts and a passion
for gardening.

Each tool is individually built using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Steel is heated to a red glow in the forge and then shaped over the anvil with a hammer. All joinery is done using solid steel rivets. And, each tool is set into its own hand turned handle creating a long-lasting garden tool with no welds. Black Walnut is used for handles. The tight grain of this strong hardwood makes it very durable. Best of all, it just feels good in your hand.

Tuli Fisher and his garden tools have been recently featured in Forbes Life, Western Art and Architecture, and Zone 4 magazines.

Quality workmanship, well-balanced form, and an emphasis on usability make Iron and Wood Garden Tools a unique addition to any home or garden.