Faribault Virgin Wool Lodge Blanket

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Product: Faribault Virgin Wool Lodge Blanket

68 x 50 inches Virgin Wool blanket with 3 inch fringe. Made with 100% New Zealand lamb’s wool. Cozy, lightweight, and resists moisture. Comes in natural color with a wheat stripe. Made and milled by a 140 year old Minnesotan company. Ships free.

New Zealand lamb’s wool is known for its luster and high durability, and virgin wool is prized for its unique softness. The manufacturer of this blanket, which has been milling wool for 140 years, selects only the finest grades of wool from around the world and in the US, with an attention to the weaving and processing of each blanket that they still very much consider an art.

The cells of the wool fiber naturally overlap, much like the shingles of a roof, creating a tightly packed surface that keeps heat in and moisture out. Virgin wool blankets are perfect for a frosty evening – cuddle up and sip a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. If you spill liquid on the blanket, it will repel water and be just fine. Occasional spot cleaning and/or dry cleaning is suggested from time to time.

  • Dimensions : 68 inches x 50 inches with 3inch fringe
  • Materials : Made of 100% Virgin wool
  • Made in Minnesota