Euphorbia robbiae (Robb’s Spurge)

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Product: Euphorbia robbiae (Robb’s Spurge)

(syn: Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae) One of the finest euphorbias, this deer-resistant dark green euphorbia more closely resembles a forest of dwarf pittosporum. The slightly stoloniferous nature of Euphorbia robbiae makes it a dynamite choice for an evergreen groundcover in a difficult and very shady site. In loose, well-drained organic soils, the spread will be much swifter. In very early spring, the chartreuse flowers unfurl in dramatic fashion, presenting 18″ tall stalks of unique flowers that last for months…a real winner!

  • Pot Size: 3.5″ (24 fl. oz/709.77 ml)
  • Zone 6-8    
  • Height 18″    
  • Culture Part Sun to Shade    
  • Origin Asia Minor