Dad’s Black Bat House

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Product: Dad’s Black Bat House
Color: Black

This bat house was custom built for you. Most of the regions in the United States require a dark or black bat house for best results, so we painted this one for you with a quality exterior paint, so it comes ready to hang. This bat house measures 24″ long, 16″ wide and 6″ deep, so it will hold up to 300 little brown bats. This bat box is also large enough for nesting colonies and has the proper ventilation required. The front, top and sides are made with weather resistant cedar and the back is made using an exterior grade plywood. The interior has 3 chambers, so the bats can move around and move the the area of the house which they are most comfortable.

Bat houses should be placed on a building at least 15 feet up off the ground, facing south-east, so it catches the heat of the morning sun. Black bat houses are acceptable in almost the entire United States. In fact, the only states where black would potentially get too hot include Texas, Arizona, Southern California and the southern tip of Nevada.

Made in the USA using cedar and exterior grade plywood. (not to be confused with treated plywood. The plywood we use for the backs of these bat houses is made using an exterior grade glue, which will withstand the elements. Treated plywood actually has chemicals in it to withstand the weather. We do NOT use treated plywood on any of our bat houses, birdhouses or bird feeders.)