Copper Garden Fork

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Product: Copper Garden Fork

This garden fork is ideal for lifting crops, like potatoes, and transplanting small plants without slicing roots. It can be used to remove weeds and other light fibrous material, and is perfect for use with organic fertilizers, compost, or manure because it won’t damage worms or plant roots. It was specifically designed for use in established gardens.

Besides simply looking beautiful, when used in the garden, copper is believed to improve growth and increase soil nutrients, and it can help to reduce snail and slug damage. Plus, it won’t rust.

  • Made of bronze, copper, and kiln dried spotted gum (eucalyptus maculata) hardwood
  • 11.8″ L X 3.1″ W
  • Copper will patina over time; keep out of the weather
  • Clean tool head after use with a cloth and a small amount of water; maintain timber handle with linseed oil
  • Handmade in Australia