Chick-in-a-Box Chicken Coop

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Product: Chick-in-a-Box Chicken Coop

We here at Just Fine Design Build keep our own chickens in our backyard and we hope you will too. Combining two of our passions (backyard gardening and smart design), the Chick-in-a-Box chicken coop is handmade in Oakland. It features a butterfly roof with water catchment system, roosting bars, and easy egg-retrieval sliding doors. Our design won a blue ribbon at Maker Faire 2010 and now is the colorful centerpiece of a happy backyard in Oakland. This is one of our many chicken coop designs and we would love to work with individual clients to design and build a coop of any size or style! Most local ordinances permit up to at least 4 hens per yard, and hens typically lay almost an egg a day! I hope you like omelets..