Bee Thinking’s Top Bar Hive

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Product: Bee Thinking’s Top Bar Hive
Retailer: Bee Thinking

Our top bar hives are precision milled in Portland, Oregon using Western Red Cedar. Built using all screw construction, our hives provide superior strength and longevity. At 42″ long with 1″ thick sides, our hives are some of the longest and thickest available, ensuring your bees will have sufficient space during heavy nectar flows. The viewing window is both fun and functional, allowing easy observation of the colony without disturbing the bees. Side entrances (and side ventilation) makes management of the colony from both sides simple.

Unassembled version comes with roof assembled, body unassembled with instructions and pre-drilled components for quick assembly.


  • All cedar, hinged roof for easy access
  • 42″ long cedar top bar hive
  • 28 one piece top bars with comb guides
  • 2 follower boards
  • 29″x5″ viewing window
  • 3 bungs (Entrance reducers) and 3 corks (Ventilation reducers)


  • Assembly of hive body prior to shipment.
  • Copper roof for added beauty and longevity of the hive.
  • 4 leg, lap joint stand for strength and stability. Hive easily sets into stand and can be removed for transport.