Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato

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Product: Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato
Retailer: Fedco Seeds

4080AO Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato OG (85 days) Ind. “The biggest surprise I’ve ever experienced in tomatoes,” said the late Chuck Wyatt, vintage tomato collector. Until you try it, you won’t believe a green tomato could be this good. I rate it second only to Brandywine for flavor and it is on just about everyone’s top-ten list. Oblate 12–16 oz fruits blush lightly yellow and develop an amber-pink tinge on the blossom end when ripe. Don’t allow them to get too soft before picking. The green flesh of this beefsteak is faintly marbled with pink. Flavor sweet and tart, rich and spicy. The central large tomatoes are the best. Flavor deteriorates when cold weather sets in. Created a sensation at our staff taste test in September 1996, where it was rated “good” or “excellent” by all who tried it. Aunt Ruby’s is not just the best green eating tomato, it also makes a delicious basis for salsa verde. Originally from Ruby Arnold’s German immigrant grandfather, introduced in the 1993 Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook by Bill Minkey of Darien, WI. Nominated to Slow Food’s Ark of Taste. CCOF-certified.

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  • D=2g for $6.00      
  • E=10g for $22.00