Antares Border Fork

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Product: Antares Border Fork
Retailer: Implementations
brand: PKS Bronze

Since the launch of Implementations in 2001, this has been the single most requested addition to the range.

For breaking up the soil without moving huge clods of earth, lifting potatoes or carrying light fibrous materials and manure, a border fork is the preferred tool for many gardeners. (Although for dividing clumps of perennials, another common use for this tool, we find our spades are sharp enough for the job) 

The head is of high-grade work-hardened bronze, designed to stand up the the stresses that any border fork is subjected to. The shaft is steam-bent ash, with a beech T-handle.

  • Length 3ft 6ins, 108cm
  • Width 6 1/2ins, 16.5cm.
  • Weight 1.65kg 3 1/2lb