Ajuga Black Scallop

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Product: Ajuga Black Scallop

Annoying pests such as deer & rabbits stay away from Black Scallop Ajuga a foolproof perennial groundcover for both shade & sun.

Rugged, near-black leaves adorn this mat-forming ground cover. 3″ tall mats do a superb job suppressing weeds, leaving maintenance a breeze!

Planted beneath trees, this fast growing groundcover minimizes difficult mowing situations. Ajuga is a great substitute for turf grass, lining narrow beds, or in front of taller perennials.

Ajuga's colorful carpet is topped with dozens of spikes of blue flowers in late spring and early summer.

This tough- as -nails ground cover works so superbly as an underplanting to sun loving Ornamental Grasses, shade loving Hydrangeas, Hellebores, or Hostas.

Plant this easy to grow perennial in average soil with moderate moisture and good drainage. Plant Ajuga in either sun, shade or part shade. The dark foliage takes on a glossy appearance with a couple of hours of sun. Occasional foot traffic can be tolerated.

  • Deer proof & maintenance free groundcover
  • Thrives in sun or shade
  • Near-black foliage looks great all season
  • Not bothered by insects or diseases
  • Late spring brings dozens of blue flowers