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Pyramid Range Tents
Brand: Cowboy Camp

Pyramid Range Tents

Retailer: Cowboy Camp
$749.00 USD at time of publication Buy from Cowboy Camp

Description from Cowboy Camp

Range Tents are my most common style pyramid tent, this means that you will get the most value for the range tent. They come in three standard sizes. These sturdy tents are designed to be your temporary home on the range and to take all that Mother Nature can throw at them in this demanding environment. My Range Tents have been tested by some of the best cowboys in the Southwest.

I am proud to say the late Jeff Lang of the Bell Ranch called my Range Tent design “˜the best one out there’. The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Palm Desert, California, uses them all summer long for visitors and staff. I have many boating customers. Apparently, if you own a wooden boat, you will need a canvas tent, it truly adds to the natural ambiance.

Range Tents have sewn-in vinyl floors to keep your feet, bedroll and belongings dry. They have zippered canvas doors with an optional screen door and/or window for breathability and air circulation. A nylon loop is secured to the outside peak of the tent to secure it to the A-Frame “S” hook on the apex of the optional A-frame pole set. Inside there is an adjustable web strap with a Snap hook to hang a lantern.

There are 1 1/2″ D-rings to pull the three walls out and the tent comes in its own storage bag. The A-frame pole set comes separately bagged to help keep the canvas safe in storage or so you can easily leave it at home when tree support is expected.

Notice the “parawing” shape where the walls meet the floor in the photographs. This special curved design creates structure, which makes the tent sides firm to really stand up to the wind and eliminate flapping. The waterproof floor rolls up to meet the canvas sidewalls and it keeps the canvas from touching the ground. You may think that the 10 oz. acrylic-coated woven polyester floor is truly too nice of a fabric to use as a floor, but you will get over it when you see how it performs. It is for good reason I haven’t modified this basic tent design in over 20 years.

$749.00 USD at time of publication Buy from Cowboy Camp

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