Kotten – 9 Fire Starters In a Gift Box
Brand: Kotten

Kotten – 9 Fire Starters In a Gift Box

Retailer: The Local
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Description from The Local

9 beautiful pine cone fire starters packed in an elegant and exclusive gift box. Use them to start a roaring fire or the perfect BBQ.

How to use Kotten

It is quite easy to use Kotten as a fire starter. Whatever you are trying to put on fire there is oone main thing to remember. Always put the pine cone with the scales pointing downwards. Just like the pine cones are shown inside our round logo.

About the Product

Pine cones come in all shapes, sizes and colors, every single one is unique. Our pine cones have opened up and released all of their seeds, and thus fulfilled their primary purpose in nature. What remains is a natural, sustainable fuel for effectively starting a fire safely and quickly, providing you with the satisfaction of a roaring fire or the perfect charcoal BBQ. Give your cone a spark and a lot of air and it will reward you with glowing fire and pleasurable heat. Relax and Enjoy!

The Kotten Story

It all started somewhere in northern Sweden when Robert Kraft was reading the tip of the week in a women´s magazine. This week´s tip was to remember to bring back pine cones from the next walk in the forest and turn them into fire starters by dipping them in melted candle wax.

Robert liked the idea but wasn’t very impressed by the results. After many adjustments and a lot of patience, Robert found the perfect recipe for treating the pine cones and turn them into excellent fire starters. Robert also realized he wouldn’t have to pick the pine cones himself since the forest industry already picks millions of pine cones every year in order to get pine seeds for the plantation of new trees. Once the seeds are taken out to plant new trees, the pine cones have, until now, not been used other than for domestic heating.

$17.00 USD at time of publication Buy from The Local
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