Handy Utility Finger Knife

Handy Utility Finger Knife

Retailer: Kaufmann Mercantile
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Utility knife that rests comfortably on the finger for easy use. Titanium nitride coated steel blade is affixed to a durable aluminum band. For a vast variety of uses, especially cutting twine. Available in standard ring sizes. Made in U.S.A

In the late 1800s, mail was transported on the railways. As the great engines barrelled in and out of bustling stations letters needed to be collected, sorted, and bundled at breakneck speed. If you were a clerk aboard one of those trains, you may have found yourself fumbling as the cars lurched and swayed, trying to cut loose a bundle of correspondence or slice a length of twine with your pocketknife – assuming that you hadn’t already misplaced it somewhere along the line.

One such clerk named James R. Caldwell, who rode the route between Chicago and Pittsburgh, decided to take matters into his own hands. Working evenings, he came up with the prototype for a small, simple tool that would change his life. Bending a piece of copper around his finger, he affixed the blade of his pocketknife to the band using a small screw and nut. Slipping this contraption onto his finger, he could now carry a cutting tool with him at all times, speeding up his work and vastly improving his efficiency. Once his co-workers caught on and began requesting “handys” of their own, Caldwell formed his own company and started producing the knives full-time. His first recorded sale was in 1904 and, with the exception of the war years when the aluminum now used to manufacture the bands was in short supply, the materials that go into these knives have not changed since.

Today, this small, lightweight utility knife remains an indispensable tool with a seemingly infinite variety of uses. While the steel blade is extremely sharp and strong, its curved design makes it virtually impossible to harm either yourself or others with its edge. Already used daily by mailmen, delivery men, industrial workers and sportsmen, this tiny powerhouse will fill an essential niche in your own busy routine.

  • Dimensions : Available in standard ring sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
  • Materials : Steel & titanium nitride blade, Aluminum band
  • Made in U.S.A.
$9.90 USD at time of publication Buy from Kaufmann Mercantile
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