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A vase can water your indoor trees for up to 1 month using nothing but gravity.

Clayola is the most natural way to deliver water to a plant. Made from clay; a natural porous material it lets water seep from the Clayola to the soil. As water evaporates from a plant’s leaves it draws water from the soil and as the soil dries up water is drawn from the Clayola. In effect the plant extracts the water it needs from each clay pot. After a while a plant’s root system will find the source of water and literally hug the Clayola. The glazed top prevents water from evaporating into the air and the tapered shape allows the Clayola to be pushed into the soil like a bullet. The shape also creates a water distribution profile that minimizes loss of water to the bottom of the planting pot and maximizes delivery to the roots.

  • Handmade clay pots
  • Self running plants watering system
  • Waters 6 to 8 plants for up to 1 month
  • Uses gravity
  • A glazed top to prevent water from evaporating.
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