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10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Elevated Planters


10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Elevated Planters

Janet Hall April 23, 2014

Bring your gardening to new heights with an elevated planter box. “Why,” you ask, “a garden box on legs?” 

There are several benefits to an elevated planter:

  • Offers “no-bend” gardening, reducing strain on the gardener’s knees and back.
  • Great for gardens where dirt space is scarce.
  • Puts your garden within close reach.
  • Enables urban dwellers without a dirt patch a way to get garden bounty on a balcony or any spot where four legs and a box will fit.
  • Gets delicate crops off the ground and out of reach of pets and pests (take that, slugs).
  • Gives more control over soil and water conditions for edible gardens.
  • Portability enables you to chase the seasonal sun or move the planter to various light conditions depending on what you are growing.

Here’s a roundup of ten of our favorites:

Above: The Raised Teak Trough Planter is 36 inches long and 22.5 inches tall with a 6.5-inch deep bed, and is good for growing herb, lettuces and other plants that don’t need deep root space. Made of weather-resistant teak and with slatted base for drainage, it is $348 at Terrain.

Above: Made in the USA of FSC-certified untreated Western Red Cedar, the Farmer D Cedar Bed-on-Legs Kit (2 by 4 feet) is $299.95. A smaller and shorter Farmer D Cedar Bed-on-Legs Kit (2 by 2 feet) is $199.95. Both are at Williams-Sonoma.

Above: The Elevated Larch Wood Garden Box is lined with air- and water-permeable foil to keep soil from drying too quickly, and also from getting water logged. Standing at counter height at 37 inches, it is 53 inches wide and a generous 18 inches deep (roomy enough to grow carrots) and has hooks at the end to hold garden tools; €454 at Manufactum.

Above: Add an instant vegetable garden on your patio or balcony with the VegTrug Elevated Planter. A generous 70 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 30.5 inches tall, it has a V-shape base that enables planting of deep root plants (tomatoes, carrots, etc.) in the center and shallow-rooted growers on the sides. It includes a fitted fabric liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain. Shown in charcoal, it is $249 at Gardener’s Supply. Have limited space? Consider the Compact VegTrug Elevated Planter, which is 39.4 inches long for $189.

Above: Made of FSC-certified fir, the VegTrug Wall Hugger Planter is flat on one side to fit snugly against walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces. Like the original, it provides a range of soil depths to suit the preferences of both deep- and shallow-rooted edibles. It stands 31 inches tall and is $149.95 for the small (40 inches long as shown) and 199.95 for the medium (72 inches long) at Williams-Sonoma. It comes with a fitted, breathable liner for drainage.

Above: Made in the USA of rot-resistant unfinished Western red cedar, the Gronomics Rustic Elevated Garden Bed is 9 inches deep and measures 48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 30 inches high. It has a slatted bottom to accommodate drainage and includes filter fabric to keep soil in while allowing water out; $199 at Williams-Sonoma. 

Above: Here’s a garden with built-in storage. The Long Elevated Planter is made in the USA of premium-grade Western red cedar. Crafted with tongue-and-groove walls set into mortised corner posts for added strength, it measures 45 inches long and 32 inches high and includes a slatted storage shelf underneath; $125.95 at  Jackson & Perkins.

Above: The red cedar Garden Wedge Planter is 18 inches deep in the center for large plants and shallower on the sides for smaller greens and herbs. It is finished with flat boards that act as convenient shelves for resting tools, supplies, and seeds. It includes a soil containing liner and is $299 at Gardener’s Supply.


Above: The Elevated Herb Garden Table has a bed depth of 6-5/8 inches, which is appropriate for shallow-root plants such as herbs and greens. Made of cedar, it is 50 inches long, 23.75 inches wide, and 33 inches tall and has a storage shelf; $269.95 at Raised Beds. 


Above: The Large Vegetable Bed Planter is made of pressure treated wood and measures 31.5 inches tall and 78 inches long. Its manger-style construction gives roots ample room; £124.99 at Garden Site in the UK. 

Above: Naturalyards in Ashland, Oregon offers Standing Garden Planter Kits in a variety of size configurations. Choose from three depths, two heights and five lengths (the width is fixed at 2 feet) starting at $109.75 for the smallest. 

Do you favor wooden planters? See our Favorite Square Wooden Planters and A Planter with Pedigree. We also have a soft spot for Galvanized Planters. And over on Remodelista, Julie spotted Colorful Concrete Planters and found a source.

Product Summary  

Raised Garden Beds

Garden Wedge

$299.00 USD from Gardener's Supply Co.

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