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Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Bridgehampton, NY
Photo: Matthew Carbone

Regions Served

  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic

Services Offered

From our beginning in 1985 Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (formerly Stelle Architects) have maintained a vision of high quality sustainable architecture. We believe in a non-invasive, and low maintenance approach to both design and construction. Inspired by indigenous forms and materials, we strive to create environments that respect and celebrate the beauty and fragility of the natural landscape in which our buildings are sited. We set out to marry sustainable design principles with a modern and inquisitive spirit that reflects the legacy of experimental design. Our philosophy of “less is more” applies to the architecture as well as the program. We are committed to reducing the impact of new architecture on the environment by reworking pre-existing structures, recycling materials, and preserving native plant species whenever possible. A smaller footprint is one of our primary goals.

While Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects offer a wide range of non-residential services, we specialize in single-family beach dwellings and second homes. We believe that houses should be places of inspiration and self-discovery. Our designs begin with the unique character of a given site and develop in response to the light, breezes, views, contours and neighboring structures. Low-lying silhouettes may be used to echo the lines of land and sea. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors inside while discretely placed terraces and decks can expand the sense of space while helping to define the architecture in relation to its natural surroundings

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  • Frederick Stelle, Michael Lomont, Viola Rouhani


  • 48 Foster Avenue PO Box 3002 Bridgehampton, NY 11932 T 631-537-0019 | F 631-537-5116

Featured Projects

House On The Point

This modestly sized ocean front house is designed for an informal active family. Working with the constraints of a small footprint, every moment and view counts. The open plan transparent first floor connects ocean and bay views. A more private second floor prioritizes ocean front indoor-outdoor living and a strategically placed hot tub to enjoy bayfront sunsets from. Red cedar siding and anodized aluminum windows and doors bare the elements. Screens are employed to provide shade and privacy.

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Photos: Matthew Carbone

Tree House

An existing three story house perched in the trees of Amagansett was in dire need of repair. Breathtaking views from the roof deck made the decision to renovate rather than replace the structure an easy decision. An elevation horizontal addition is separated from the tower by the second story entrance, allowing each part to maintain it’s own identity. The space under the addition becomes the gateway to the pool and forest beyond.

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Photos: Matthew Carbone


Seaside rides the crest of the dunes, bridging the land between tidal bay and ocean. Decisions about materials, assemblies and finishes were made in the context of harmonizing with the rhythms of weather, the sea and the land. The design seeks to expose its occupants to those pleasures as much as it shelters them.

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Photos: Matthew Carbone

Shore House

Because the house is modest in size economy of means drives every design decision. Manipulation of the volumes enclosing the interior spaces creates a sense of place and connection to the outdoors. Simple fun pervades the accommodations including the bunkroom for four. Memories of summer camp at the beach beckon.

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Photos: Matthew Carbone


A sensitive dune and steep topography define the possibilities for this multi-generational house. Taking cues from both, privacy and views are established with recreation in mind. While children occupy the lower level, guest suites open up to the pool on the main floor above, leaving the upper level and roof deck with open views and plenty of space for entertaining.

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Photos: Matthew Carbone

Casa Lama

Located on the rocky coast of the Balearic Island of Mallorca in Santa Ponsa, not far from Palma, this family house is pushed into a steep hillside, celebrating its Mediterranean proximity. The design responds to the site’s foremost demand, which is to open itself up to the seascape. The house operates on three levels, with most of the key living spaces and guest quarters on the ground floor. Above this sits a first floor structure consisting of a master suite, a panoramic family room that opens to a porch and two bedrooms for the children. The lower level section is primarily devoted to service rooms and a gym.

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Photos: Jose Hevia

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