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SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Edge of the sea: Shelter Island, NY

Regions Served

  • Chicago & Midwest
  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic
  • San Francisco & Bay Area

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C. is an architecture and interior design firm founded by Steve Schappacher and Rhea White. Their experience includes the diversity of realizing solutions for complex building projects, historic preservation to detailed interiors and furnishings for commercial properties corporate interiors, restaurants, nightclubs, retail, as well as a number of single family homes and residential interiors. Often this work includes custom designed furniture, fixtures and lighting for the client’s specific needs.

Both their spatial solutions and product design have received the international recognition of awards, patents, exhibits and critical acknowledgements. This multidisciplinary expertise is applied seamlessly to all levels of a project to develop creative, cost effective solutions within financial and time constraints that respond genuinely to the particular requirements of each client and site.

The multiplicity of their practice is intentional. The harmony derives not from style or trends, but from a process where all parts of their work continue to enlighten the other. SchappacherWhite strives to create appropriate and intelligent design by finding meaning in the diversity.

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  • Steve Schappacher, Rhea White


  • PO Box 864
    Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965

Featured Projects

Wallace K. Harrison Estate, AIA Long Island Archi-Award

Atop a hill on Long Island, architect Wallace K. Harrison in the early 1930s purchased land to design a house for his wife and himself. The Harrison Estate, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, represents the leading edge of the International Style. It has now undergone a complete restoration and expansion that honors Harrison’s original design intent while satisfying the needs of a 21st century family.

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Ulrich Franzen "Castle House”

Hugging the shores of the Long Island Sound, Ulrich Franzen’s “Castle House” typifies the school of East Coast Modernism established by the generation of post-Bauhaus architects at work in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s. This modern classic, almost a fallen victim to total demolition, has undergone a complete renovation and preservation by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

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Farmhouse, AIA Peconic Award

1890 farmhouse with a 2 pavilion addition of a master bedroom suite and living room. Glass enclosed “breezeways” between new and existing structures allow additional natural light and further define forms.

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Wm. Farmer & Sons, AIA Peconic Honor Award

Nearly two centuries old, the historic structures housing Wm. Farmer and Sons in Hudson, New York were a strong inspiration for the design of the restaurant and bar’s aesthetic.

The architects found that there is a love of craft and the handmade in Hudson. The chef, Kirby forms relationships with local farmers for his food sources, and the architects did the same with local sources for materials and construction.

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Birdhouse, East End Design Awards Winner Green Intervention

The birdhouse was designed and fabricated for the Peconic Land Trust conservation efforts. Constructed of recycled materials leftover from a project site. Occupants have two bedrooms/nesting areas at upper level, fireplace/seed feeder, swimming poo/bird bath, succulent green roof, and a lower level guesthouse for all of their summer friends. All time and materials were donated for the fund raising event.

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Ulrich Franzen "Towers House", HOBI Awards: Best Residential Remodel and Kitchen

A pedigree mid-century residence was restored by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C. with the addition of a green roofed garage and a guesthouse with banya.

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