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Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Key West
Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Regions Served

  • Australia
  • Caribbean
  • France
  • Hawaii
  • Los Angeles & S. CA
  • New Zealand
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Southeast U.S.
  • Spain
  • Texas & Southwest

Design Philosophy

Starting off as a fine artist and then a landscape architect, Craig Reynolds brings a unique combination of art and science to each garden. Fifteen years ago, after working with Raymond Jungles for seven years, Craig opened his own design studio in Key West.

Our Firm is small enough to enjoy a close working relationships with clients yet large enough to handle complex, long-term designs. Our aim is to combine our client’s vision and goals into an overall site-specific garden design, which are as geographically diverse as they are in style. Each project is designed in response to each individual property, resulting in gardens that seamlessly integrate the hardscape and softscape, making them look as if they were always there. To achieve this, we design everything from the doors to the property line – decking, swimming pools, paving to planting.




  • Craig Reynolds


  • Key West
  • Florida Keys
  • Palm Beach
  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Naples
  • Anna Maria Island
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Curaçao

Featured Projects

Ocean House

A small boutique hotel was designed so each guest feels as though they are in their own elegant, tropical estate. Beginning at the palm lined entry drive, the garden evolves into a lush tropical oasis and arriving at a sandy peninsula on the Atlantic coast. A stair tower with views of the gardens, balconies designed to enjoy the ocean views, a swimming pool and spa, hammocks hanging from the palm trees on the beach, and a beach fire-pit complete the experience.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Caribbean Getaway

With the house sitting dead center in a long, relatively narrow lot, we set out to create two distinct gardens. The pool area is all about the view and the front is all about the garden.  The pool area is clean with the right amount of planting at the left and right making for a grand view. A seating area at the far end of a long, open lawn in front has graceful coconut palms randomly placed to feel as if it were a natural grove.

Photo: Stephen Dunn

Secret Garden

A tropical garden in the heart of Key West’s historic Old Town district is just the escape that our client requested. Tucked back on a quiet lane one would never realize that there was a Victorian Cottage hidden from view, even the pathway to the entrance feels as though you’re trespassing. The garden transports you to a private and serene tropical retreat. Various paths lead you around the garden to the home, the guesthouse and pool. There is a hidden outdoor shower to rinse off after a refreshing swim in the pool. Hammocks quietly sway on the wrap-around porch with views of the pool and the garden.

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Modernist Retreat

This minimal open-floor plan home required a garden that reflected the owners’ love of simple clean lines, open views and a feeling of space. The hardscape was designed with a conservative use of materials to create the illusion of space with the planting used in a more architectural way to mimic the interior of the house. Privacy was also very important but it needed to be done in keeping with the aesthetic of the property maintaining the clean lines and open spaces.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Key West Formal

Key West is not known for being ‘formal’; however this design takes it’s nod from traditional European gardens with the entryway on the center line of a fountain that frames the home’s grand porch.

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Jamaican Retreat

This British Colonial private get-away has grand views, lush gardens, and is the perfect for relaxing and entertaining alike. The West Indies architecture is glass-free with large overhangs- the best kind of indoor/outdoor living. A welcoming drive takes you to the courtyard with its water feature designed to sound like rain. It’s organized casual.

Photo: Stephen Dunn

Fred's Garden

A prior project that had been neglected was in dire need of updates. Fred wanted a garden that was reminiscent of his childhood having grown up with an estate garden with open views and layered tropical, winding paths; which created quiet contemplative resting spots.

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Washington Street

What started as an empty side yard adjacent to a rather busy Key West street needed something site-specific to not only enliven the space but distract from the traffic noise. A very contemporary fountain was created from corten-steel to unify the side yard and function as a sculpture, water feature, and planter. The planting is very clean and minimal with a nod to the southwestern style that has a special meaning for the clients.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Tropical Minimal

The owners wanted a home where the garden and interior were interchangeable. Indoor/ outdoor living was a priority and each part of the garden needed to feel as though it had a function. The home is also used in the evenings as a backdrop to watch movies from the lawn. Every aspect of the building was designed with the intention of ‘less is more’and the call was about ‘truth in materials’. Each plant was chosen as part of a discussion as to how it related to the architecture. The exterior walls and fences were considered an extension of the house. Restricting the number of materials and plants used was not only a reflection of the design philosophy but also kept the feeling of simplicity intact throughout.

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Olivia Street

One large pool with three well-defined areas unifies the garden between two houses made to be one estate. Miami-oolite surrounds the sexy ming-green marble throughout the pool, and Pennsylvania Bluestone stepping-stones, which help to define the edges. A water feature set within the Miami-oolite creates sound with ambiance – the perfect place to unwind.

Photo: Barry Fitzgerald

Tropical Hideaway

A combination of local craftsmanship within a tropical hammock completes this private home and guesthouse.  There’s an outdoor shower, you’ll never want to shower indoors again!

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Key West Classic

“An honest pool, within a fantastic grove”, was what the Danish Industrial Designers requested when they hired us to design their home away from home. They chose to go with brick, as it’s what you would see in the forts around the island, “a material that doesn’t try to be showy”.  The large multi-trunk palms that were already on the property were left as they create drama and act as sculptural features of the garden. The pool coping was raised to purposely split the garden between the main house and the guesthouse. Planting was strategically placed to create further privacy between the two areas.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Key West Retreat

What started as an empty lot that was collaboration between Architect and Landscape Architect from the onset the result was a, L-shaped house the corner, which maximized the garden, and allowed for every room to have a view of the expansive garden united by a swimming pool. The property was designed to be an escape to the tropics. Complete with an outdoor shower, grass growing between sexy oolite pavers and a natural glade in the corner complete with a hammock between strategically placed coconut palms.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Key West Modern

Defining a contemporary entrance is a preview of what is behind the gates. Clean lines with lush tropical planting provide a relaxing escape. Paths leading back to a private al fresco dining area mean there is plenty of room to entertain family and friends.

Photos: Tamara Alvarez

Von Phister

A small garden with large impact was created by keeping the lines clean, groupings of plants species to a minimum, and strong focal points at both ends of the garden paths that accentuate the long views.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Albury Street

The owners of this Key West sized garden requested a compact Key West garden where a pool with privacy was the priority. Local coral stone decking and wall veneer creates a contemporary space against the layered tropical plantings.

Photos: Stephen Dunn

License to Chill

A private tropical oasis with a series of discoveries and seating areas was the main focus for this garden renovation. The design was focused on that variety of inter-connecting spaces that range from an outdoor kitchen and dining area, quiet seating complete with an outdoor chandelier, an outdoor shower, swimming pool with a jumping rock that is only accessed by wandering down a hidden tropical path. As always, the garden was to be a place that you didn’t want to leave.

Photo: Tamara Alvarez

Baker's Bay, Bahamas

A clean and elegant collaboration in Baker’s Bay, Great Guyana Cay with Ladd Roberts from Landwise Design.

Photo: Michael Stavaridis