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Berman Horn Studio

New York
Photo: Rush Jagoe

Regions Served

  • Boston & New England
  • Los Angeles & S. CA
  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic
  • Southeast U.S.

Founded by Maria Berman and Brad Horn in 2006, Berman Horn Studio is a full service, multidisciplinary firm that spans architecture, interiors, furniture and lighting design in order to create exciting residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. We are inspired by a close collaboration with our clients to create highly personalized spaces rich in narrative, history, authenticity and with a profound sense of context. We believe that great design isn’t just defined by walls, surfaces, furniture and lighting, but rather finds fullest expression through the incorporation of narrative to create spaces full of emotion, memory and potential. Whether a home, a restaurant or an office, our spaces thrive when filled with people, and alive to the stories yet to be told.




  • Maria Berman & Brad Horn


  • 461 West 153rd Street
    New York, NY 10031

Featured Projects

Metal Workshop

Made of poured in place concrete, this building reinterprets the vernacular language of farm buildings through a contemporary use of materials and fenestration.  Its industrial interior is juxtaposed with the rural setting beyond.

Photo: Rush Jagoe
Maysville Restaurant in Manhattan by Berman Horn Studio


Maysville, a restaurant in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, draws inspiration from the past to create a classic yet contemporary space delineated by large columns, warm grasscloth walls, gallery style mirrors, and a sprawling lighting installation of glowing paper lanterns that evokes the familiar patterns of farm fields in America’s Midwest.

Photo: Pete Deevakul

Black Barn

The Black Barn is an agricultural and intern facility set into the rolling hills of New York’s Columbia County. Built ground up, this building houses livestock, a harvest processing center, and interns on this not for profit farm.

Photo: Rush Jagoe


Wassail is a cider bar and restaurant that marries the gritty urban roots of New York’s Lower East Side with historical cider making traditions and rituals. Recalling the structure of both rural barns and historic pubs the restaurant is framed by blackened timber structures and lit with the cut-work glow of custom leather light fixtures.

Photo: Noah Devereaux

Artist's Studio

This artist’s studio in lower Manhattan is used for the creation of diverse and often large works of art. The existing storefront window was replaced with a monolithic swinging door that permits extremely large works of art to exit the space. From the street, the door humbly maintains the previous appearance of the window as well as the historic fabric of the neighborhood.

Photo: Pete Deevakul

Farm House

The interiors of this modest 19th century farmhouse were pared down and simplified to create a backdrop for an interior design scheme focused on effortless eclecticism. The surrounding gardens are lush with perennials and native plants.

Photo: Rush Jagoe

Artist's Studio

A large but derelict nineteenth century barn was re-purposed as a studio, wood shop and archive for a working artist. The historic integrity of the barn was maintained by reusing its original exterior materials and timber structure, while rebuilding the interiors to allow for new high impact uses as an art production space.

Photo: Rush Jagoe


Kenton’s restaurant in New Orleans focuses on the Bourbon tradition in America as well as the richness of Bayou food culture. Space is demarcated through over scaled custom lanterns, a translucent mural, gleaming brass fixtures and the warmth of wallpaper and wood.

Photo: Rush Jagoe

Original Media Office

The design of this production facility takes inspiration from Manhattan’s grid and the embellished surfaces of urban street art. A microcosm of streets and avenues, this office incorporates both public and private uses into a thriving whole.

Photo: Pete Deevakul

Tattoo Parlor

Inspired by historic flash art, this tattoo parlor in a historic SoHo building applies the idea of surface ornamentation to the design through a patchwork of disparate finish materials such as flooring, walls and lighting to create cohesion within the body of the space.