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Agencie Architecture & Engineering

New York

Regions Served

  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic
  • Southeast U.S.

Services Offered

Agencie is an architecture and engineering studio that designs inventive buildings.  We work with private clients, leading brands and emerging businesses to a create meaningful environments that matter to people.

Agencie is unique in that both engineers and architects are involved through the entire life of a project.  This truly collaborative relationship results in ingeniously successful buildings.  We push the boundary between physics and art.  Our designers are driven by an uncompromising commitment to bring compelling spaces and immersive atmospheres to life.

Being a small studio, we are fast, flexible and resourceful.  We don’t have a singular, proprietary process; we adapt to the unique needs, history and culture of each client.  This allows us to build close, long-term relationships with our clients.

Agencie was founded in 2007 by Andres Cortes and Sarrah Khan.  Andres and Sarrah’s passion for design was honed while studying architecture and civil engineering at the prestigious Columbia University.  A career-long teacher, Sarrah has been adjunct faculty at Yale University, Georgia-Tech and Columbia.  Andres and Sarrah work side-by-side with our clients in every project we take on.

In 2010, Agencie was awarded the competition to redesign sidewalk sheds by the City of New York.  The firm’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Dwell, NBC, Globe & Mail, NY Magazine.

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  • Sarrah Khan, PE & Andres Cortes, AIA


  • 279 Grove St. 3rd Floor
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • 244 5th Ave. Suite 2691
    New York, NY 10001

Featured Projects

Williamsburg Rowhouse Rearyard Extension Steel Storefrontde
williamsburg rowhouse with hand trowelled concrete

Williamsburg Rowhouse

By opening-up the rear-facade, Agencie created a home that is both fit for modern living and respectful of the history of the row house.  The result: a spacious and light-filled home ready for the next 150 years. Mixed mid-century modern furniture with more contemporary pieces and added a sense of texture in elements such as ceilings and floors.

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Photos: James Ransom
UWS Townhouse ur

UWS Townhouse

A curving sculptural stair takes center stage in this Upper West Side Townhouse.  Capped with an aperture-like skylight, the stair harnesses the property’s natural light.   White oak treads, a creamy white handrail and open risers create a unique and unexpected spacial experience.

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UES architecture renovation

Upper East Side Pied-a-Terre

To remedy the “dark and schizophrenic feel” of HBO director, Tricia Brock’s, apartment Agencie opened-up the dark, L-shaped galley kitchen.  Working with Henrybuilt, we anchored the space with a small but functional island and added glamorous touches (a marble backsplash and brass-trimmed lighting.

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Photo: James Ransom

UES Brownstone

Among many improvements to this  period brownstone, the original facade was reconstructed with historic balance and exquisite proportions.  Modern coexists with historic detailing and understated tradition in this exquisite brownstone.

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Photos: James Ransom

Madison Avenue Residence

Vibrant accents infuse a lively mood in this residence on Madison Avenue.

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Photo: James Ransom
restaurant architect engineer

Mathews Restaurant

Our restaurant work inspires kitchen designs in our residential projects.  This restaurant in Jersey City features detailing and understated tradition.

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Photo: James Ransom

East Village Rowhouse

Mid-century furniture juxtaposed with exposed brick and wood joists create uniquely alluring nooks in this narrow rowhouse renovation.

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Photos: James Ransom

Times Square Penthouse

This Penthouse boasts a connective staircase evocative of origami.

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Photo: James Ransom

Gucci Stores America

We engineer Gucci’s inspiring vision for their brand, elegantly balancing function with fashion.   We’ve designed stores for Gucci in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta and Miami’s Design District.

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Photo: James Ransom