Zenas Dane

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Product: Zenas Dane
Retailer: The Sill

The Venus herself has reason to be jealous. The Zenas Dane is tall and curvy, a shapely beauty – in true Botticelli fashion. Simply striking. Borrowing a mane of vibrant green foliage from the ZZ Plant, the Zenas Dane is the Italian Renaissance ideal: fair-skinned, feminine, voluptuous.

Artist Barbara Eigen accented the Zenas Dane’s figure with subtle lineal texture, providing tonal variations of the sunny mustard glaze. The ZZ’s waxy leaflets spring from thick leggy stalks, ranging from bright lime in their adolescence to a deep emerald at maturity. Don’t expect much action from the ZZ, though – it takes its time to grow. But liken to all notorious women in history, the ZZ is tolerant of adverse conditions, and is practically indestructible.

  • ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
  • Low light
  • Water infrequently
  • Made in Jersey City, NJ
  • Slip clay; drainage with saucer
  • 7″w x 18″h with plant