Wooden Snowshoes

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Product: Wooden Snowshoes

Snow-resilient ash wood that steps silently. Hand-laced rawhide. Lasts forever. Pointed tails keeps strides straight for long cross-country treks. Made in Shingleton, Michigan. Ships free.

Iverson’s beavertail snowshoes are made for going far afield and breaking a trail. They are made for soft virgin snow and float better than aluminum snowshoes. The open rawhide lacing lets the snow filter through so your snowshoes don’t turn into shovels. The extended tail acts like a rudder as you cut through the snow, keeping your stride straight in long cross-country hikes.

Best of all, Iverson wooden snowshoes are silent, so you don’t disrupt the wilderness you’re out there to see with a clanking pair of aluminum boats.

The frames of the snowshoes are made from White Ash wood harvested from near Iverson’s factory in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Ash is strong with a long straight grain that bends well and keeps its shape. The wood stays flexible and doesn’t become brittle, so it is less likely to break or crack. Even after long periods of hiking, ice won’t build up on the wood, so you don’t have to worry about the bottom of the snowshoes becoming slick and creating a sledding effect.