Wood Clothespins

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Product: Wood Clothespins
Color: Natural

Nowadays, clothespins have multitudes of uses and have gone way beyond the clothesline. They have become a crafter’s dream come true! You can use them to create magnets, dolls, or even holiday ornaments. These specific clothespins are perfect for making traditional Japanese Kokeshi doll ornaments. These pegs can be used for the simplest of things or for the most imaginative creations. People often use them to display children’s artwork, photographs, or to simply keep a bag of chips closed. They can also be used in parties, showers, weddings or other special events where the smallest of details matter. You can use them as game markers, favors, placecard holders, or displaying photographs on twine for a rustic look. Primitive fans love to grungy these up with a bit of wax and cinnamon for a bowl full of primitive fixins. Flex your creative muscles by painting, grungy-ing, staining or embellishing these clothespins to add your own flare!

These clothespins resemble the kind your grandmother would have used to hang the damp laundry in the backyard. They are made of slotted solid birch wood with flat bottoms so that they can stand on their own. They have no metal springs, which means no rust and will last for years to come.