Willow Balcony Screen

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Product: Willow Balcony Screen
Retailer: Manufactum

Natural willow twigs (about 5 mm í˜). Stainless steel wire.

  • Height 90 cm, width 300 cm. Weight 4.5 kg.
  • Height 150 cm, width 300 cm. Weight 7.5 kg.

A natural screen for your balcony.

For balconies and other private open spaces this dark willow screen is the ideal combination of wind-breaker and concealment. For home-owners who appreciate good workmanship and design it’s the perfect alternative to the screening mats you can get in any chain store. The willow twigs are graded for size and connected together with rust-free wiring to form flexible screens that can be cut to size (using garden shears or secateurs for example) to fit any type of balcony.

We have a range of two sizes: the higher one is particularly useful as a lateral screen for balcony or terrace. The wood will stand up to all kinds of wind and weather – for many years, too, unless you have a rooted dislike of the natural aging process!