Will Henry Harvey

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Product: Will Henry Harvey
Retailer: The Sill

Pop! Pop! Pop! The Will Henry Harvey is a teeny tiny trio that packs a big punch. Three hand-painted miniature terra cotta pots in bright hues of orange, green, and pink. To fill such hot properties, only an assortment of sassy succulents will do. Spikes, rosettes, jelly bean sprouts, and more – you never know what you’ll get. Except for compliments, of course.

The intricate details of the assorted succulents (which vary trio to trio) give the Will Henry Harvey architectural interest equal to its eye-catching color palette. A threesome of petite proportion, these fellas stand to make a big impression. You needn’t worry about them, though; they’re small, but they’re tough. Give them attention because you want to, not because you need to – they require little care to stay in tip-top tiny shape.

  • Assorted succulents
  • Bright light
  • Infrequent water
  • Hand painted; drainage; no saucer
  • 1.5″w x 2.5″h w/ plant