Wild Bleeding Heart

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Product: Wild Bleeding Heart
Color: Pink
Retailer: Prairie Nursery

Dicentra eximia

A popular shade garden favorite Wild Bleeding Heart sports delicate heart shaped flowers atop lacy blue-green foliage. Blooming from mid-summer into fall, it fills a mid-season color gap in the woodland. Native to the Appalachian Mountains, Dicentra eximia thrives in rich, well-drained soil in full to part shady locations. Great naturalizer in shady rock gardens. Easily self sows where happy.Hardy to Zones 3 – 7.

  • Sun: Partial,Shade
  • Soil: Sand,Loam,Clay
  • Moisture: Medium,Moist
  • Height: 1′-2′
  • Bloom Time: Jun-Jul
  • Color: pink
  • Zone: 3
  • Spacing: 1′