Whirlybird Mix (Nasturtium)

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Product: Whirlybird Mix (Nasturtium)
Retailer: Stokes Seeds

(12 in/30 cm) Flowers are also without the usual black spur, and consequently are able to sit open-faced, right on the top of the stem. Excellent for hanging baskets, rock gardens or flower beds. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.

  • 175 seeds per oz./28 gr.

CULTURE: Sow outdoors May 1st. -20th, after ground has become warm. Try to maintain a soil temp. of 70°F/21°C for best results. Plants should bloom in about 50 days from seed and do the best in poor ground. Rich or highly fertilized ground produces lots of leaves but few flowers! Thin seedlings to 8 in/20 cm apart. Use a systemic insecticide to control black aphids.

  • Latin Name : Topaeolum majus
  • Attributes : Hanging Basket Type, Mixed, Edible
  • Difficulty : Easy