Viticella ‘Betty Corning’

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Product: Viticella ‘Betty Corning’

This plant was named after Mrs. Erastus Corning II, who discovered it in a garden in Albany, NY when she moved there as a bride. Recognizing the outstanding qualities of the plant, she had it propagated and made sure that it was distributed. She was a great friend to us here at the nursery, and visited us regularly to purchase this variety as gifts for her friends. I can’t think of a greater tribute to a wonderful lady than to have this plant named for her. If I could only have one clematis in my garden this would unhesitatingly be my choice. A hybrid of C. viticella x C. crispa, it embodies the best features of both plants. Flowers are lightly fragrant, delicate pale lilac, nodding flaring bells, 2 ½” – 3″ diameter, and it is an extraordinarily prolific bloomer. Foliage is finely cut and rugged, no leaf spots here! This is the first viticella to bloom for us in the spring. Sunny exposures will produce the maximum number of flowers but she will tolerate some shade. Pruning C