Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Apollo’

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Product: Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Apollo’

Culver’s Root

These elegant perennials impart a lofty vertical element to the late summer garden. Graced with distinctive narrow spires of densely arranged tiny flowers, Veronicastrum are native to meadows and woodlands, and are easy to grow in adequately moist soil.

“˜Apollo’s leafy stems taper delicately into foot-long lilac racemes tipped with vivid green buds, which bend and curve, adding a playful air to its imposing carriage. Display this graceful Veronicastrum with Angelica archangelica‘s rounded umbels, and the rosy plumes of Miscanthus “˜Nippon’.

Blooms August – September.

Size: 5’–5-1/2‘ high x 2’ wide; hardy to zone 4.