Vas Ekollon

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Product: Vas Ekollon
Color: Clear
Designer: Estrid Ericson
Retailer: Svenskttenn

From his summer Twelve Oaks got Estrid Ericsson in the 1930s, the idea of “‹”‹using acorns and let them germinate in a single small glass vase. The shape she fetched from the historical dimension “maiden” and distended neck a bit so that the acorn could be easily placed and take root.

Picking more acorns, preferably in October, when they are especially suitable. Place the acorns in a bowl of water, after 3-6 weeks, they should have started to sprout. Place when an acorn with the germ down in the water-filled acorns glass. After another 3-6 weeks after sprouting a dilution ekplanta. Avoid direct sunlight when the glass may have burnt effect.

  • Art nr. GA10039
  • Design: Estrid Ericson
  • Material: Glass
  • Height: 12cm