Urban Loft Balcony Planter

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Product: Urban Loft Balcony Planter
brand: Elho
Retailer: vtwonen

With the young , urban look and comfortable extras Urban Loft gives this all-in- one balcony planter always a contemporary touch to your urban garden , balcony or roof terrace.

With the sleek design, the Urban Loft All-in- 1 balcony planter an eye-catcher on every balcony . Hang the planter easily supplied to the suspension rack. Additional practical: the built water tank keep your plants beautiful without them repeatedly to give water . The All -in-1 balcony planter is also equipped with a matching saucer , so your plants are fully protected against root rot and remain in optimum condition.

Elho makes all its products using the type of plastic polyethylene. This kind of high-quality plastic brings many benefits . It is completely recyclable, will not fade in sunlight , is known as a strong and durable material and is suitable for temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero.

Elho surprised people over 45 years, with handmade and quality products for your home , patio and garden . Nonetheless, offering great ideas to make the home even more fun is central. Which aspects clearly reflected in the products of Elho its function, design and color. The products differentiate themselves through their creativity and practical simplicity , but above all by their cheerfulness . The latter is clearly reflected in the colors of the products . Elho always has the best and most striking colors. In addition, Elho use of high quality plastic . This makes the product very strong, yet light in weight. The products are completely recyclable and they do not fade under sunlight. You will find next to the popular planters range also the side tables of Elho.