Traditional Trug Baskets

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Product: Traditional Trug Baskets

Years and years ago, even before Joe became grumpy, the Anglo Saxons used “˜Trogs’ to measure all sorts of stuff, including liquid. They were really, really chunky, sort of a squashed boat shape, and hewn from solid timber.

Well, they died out centuries ago, or perhaps all the people that used them did – can you imagine how much they weighed ! Our trug baskets are carefully hand made in the traditional way, still in Sussex, by Kevin.

He has up dated a bit though, now his trugs are made from Birch ( FSC approved of course.) Willow, the traditional “˜basket’ wood, is great but does need a bit of looking after.

Birch on the other hand you can leave around outside for ages, it will come to no harm. It was innovations like this that won Kevin the BSI “˜Kite’ label for his design.