Tillandsias – Bromeliads

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Product: Tillandsias – Bromeliads
Retailer: Paxton Gate

A Tillandsia is a Bromeliad…but not all Bromeliads are Tillandsias. Bromeliad is the Family name. Tillandsia is the genus.

Airplants are the common name for Tillandsias (sometimes called “Air Plants”). Not all Bromeliads are Airplants. Airplants grow without soil while most types of Bromeliads do best in soil.

Tillandsias grow naturally in South and Central America and southern parts of the United States. They are in the Bromeliad family, and are sometimes referred to as “air plants.” Hundreds of different varieties grow on trees, rocks, cliffs, and various types of cacti. Thin-leaf varieties grow in areas with more rain, and thick-leaf varieties in areas more subject to drought. No soil is needed to grow these unique plants. All water and nutrients are taken through the leaves. Their roots are used as wire-like anchors.

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