Three-Arm Spout and Pump Kit – Medium

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Product: Three-Arm Spout and Pump Kit – Medium
Retailer: Amazon

The simplicity of our Three-Arm Spout kit is very attractive to customers. Because the spout sits near the surface of the water, it works well even in shallow containers. This makes it ideal for indoor or tabletop fountains. The spouts wide diameter creates a rich, full sound with no splashing. Available in 3 sizes. Retail packaging and pump included. The large sized Three-Arm fountain kit creates a statement that will enhance any garden scene. Pair it with a large container to create a symphony of water. This size tends to fit the widest range of containers sold by garden centers and is therefore a top-seller.

  • Dimensions :18 x 3 x 2
  • Weight : 3 lbs
  • Size : 18
  • Box Size : 22 x 10 x 4