The “Good Housekeeping” Complete Book of Preserves

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Product: The “Good Housekeeping” Complete Book of Preserves
Retailer: Amazon UK
Designer: Joanna Farrow

The “Good Housekeeping” Complete Book of Preserves [Hardcover]
Joanna Farrow (Author)

In today’s fast-paced world it can be very satisfying and relaxing to take the time to make your own preserves. Author Joanna Farrow explains all you need to make your own jams, jellies and chutneys – from the equipment and ingredients, to choosing the best seasonal produce to take you through the year. With over 120 recipes from the Good Housekeeping Institute, you will find a recipe for every kind of preserve, from strawberry jam to delicious spicy chutneys and pickled fruits. This book takes a fresh, modern approach to making traditional jams, as well as providing a wealth of modern and ingenious recipes for the less obvious preserves such as spicy butters, pestos, aromatic sauces and fruit infused liqueurs. Why preserve when ready-made supplies are so widely available all year round? The supermarket shelves might boast a wealth of interesting preserves, eye-catchingly presented in pretty bottles and jars. But however tempting, they’re invariably expensive, usually laced with additives and rarely as delicious as you can make at home. The results will add a special touch to any snack or meal, and make great gifts.

Joanna Farrow trained as a home economist before becoming a freelance cookery writer on women’s magazines, such as BBC Good Food, Waitrose and Good Housekeeping. She has also written books on a variety of subjects – Mediterranean food, fish, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream and cakes. One of her most recent books was Good Housekeeping’s The Bread Machine (Collins & Brown). Joanna lives in High Hurstwood in East Sussex.