The Foodie Bugle

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Product: The Foodie Bugle
Retailer: The Foodie Bugle
The Foodie Bugle is a magazine with both an online and print presence that offers a calm, curated, thoughtful space for good people, doing good things in good places in the world of food, drink and home crafts. Free from advertising, celebrities or passing fads, our features highlight the handmade and the home grown, celebrating the habits, heritage and history of cooks from all over the world. Artisans, artists, growers and writers have come together to collaborate and exchange their talents and ideas in this, our very first print issue. We look forward to sharing our findings with you across the seasons and across the table.

  • Size: 22.3 cm long and 19.5 cm wide
  • Cover: 250gsm offset uncoated board
  • Text material: 120gsm offset uncoated paper
  • Ink colours: full colour throughout
  • Number of pages: 124 (including cover)
  • Design and art direction: Allies Design
  • Printing: Cambrian Printers
  • Published by The Foodie Bugle in Great Britain.